Wednesday, June 9, 2010

with every bad thing comes something good

With every bad thing something good comes along, i'm sure of this and Sunday was a prime example

Bad thing- no one could come swimming with me for this reason or that
Good thing- Ryan got off of work early and save the day
Bad thing- the pool my ladlord gave me an access pass to is closed on Sundays
Good thing- so Ryan and I went swimming at my Dad's pool in Draper and it was nice and sunny all day
Bad thing- on the way there my car almost over heated waiting in stupid traffic
Good thing- my Dad's friend with the baby raccoon had it with her so I got to see the baby again!
Bad thing- we got maced... on accident
Good thing- we had delicious in-n-out
Bad thing- hair oil spilled all over the inside of my purse
Good thing- Alisha came to play with us
Bad thing- it rained while we were at Sugarhouse park
Good thing- it was warm rain

But over all I love my Sundays and swimming with my dearest friend Ryan