Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Puerto Rico 1- Pasta Y Pueblo

I get overwhelmed thinking where to start blogging and what pictures to start posting from my beloved Puerto Rico trip that was almost 3 months ago. Then my stomach growls while Im browsing through my folder with  1,214 pictures in it and I decide Pasta Y Pueblo is the best place to start. I went there on my first day and I went there on my last day, so i'll start there. What is Pasta Y Pueblo you ask? Just the worlds best place i've eaten so far. Seriously, I've never craved something like I crave this place. It looks like a shack. A run down shack that locks all the windows at night. But don't let looks deceive you. This place is small, like 5 tables small, but it is a hidden gem right by the beach! If you are ever near Luquillo (about 40 minutes from San Juan), it's a must. Both nights chef sent us out an appetizer free of charge. First night I got coconut rice and chicken with pasta and a pesto sauce. I crave this dish all the time still. The mussels, Ahi Tuna, scallops, guava cheesecake, coconut flan, it was all delicious. Its family owned. A little girl helped her mom serve, the little boy was playing around outside, the beautiful mother was the server and the ex-pro surfer husband/father was the chef. They were so genuine and gave excellent service. So here it is ladies and gents..

Street View

Boyfriend waiting for his food

Heaven on a plate

Our friend and host Danny at our last supper

surfing posters and decor

Some of the Salt Lake crew the first night we arrived
So if you every find yourself in Luquillo, PR you won't regret eating here! Bring some cash and support this awesome joint!

A Blog isn't a Blog without a Blog

As I sit here devouring my Christmas chocolate covered rasins getting excited about my trip to Seattle next week with the boyfriend, I started thinking about vacations and pictures. Which lead to the thought of me not sharing any of my pictures from my last trip to Puerto Rico in October.(Unless you caught a glimpse of the ones I posted on Instagram). The thought of uploading all of them to facebook made me cringe. I don't know why.I'm kinda over uploading my life in pictures on facebook. But, I have a blog, so why not use it?! I haven't published anything since June 2011. When I looked at my blog, I even giggled at some of the stuff I used to post. So much growing up has happened. So much change has happened. I'm not even sure I know how to use blogger anymore. Let the up-dating and re-vamping start! Who knows how long i'll even keep this up, but hey, it's worth a shot. Here's to 2013 right?!