Wednesday, February 27, 2013

International District and a Pretty Sunset (More Seattle)

On our second to last day in Seattle we woke up, and for the first day of our whole trip, the sky was blue and not grey or cloudy. We walked up Pike street had a fabulous breakfast at St. Johns Bar & Eatery. Probably the best brioche french toast I've ever had. Not to mention their biscuits with jalapeno butter, yum! After breakfast, we took the train to the International District and spent a few hours mellowly walking around and exploring. We went to the giant super market/bookstore (forgive me for not remembering the name) and spent hours looking at random things. Once we built up our appetites again, we had lunch at the Hong Kong Bistro where yet again I was blown away with food. Literally the best home made and fresh egg roll I have ever had. I'm not kidding, Seattles food was insanely delicious... After a peaceful relaxing day of walking around the International District we walked through the old Seattle and Pioneer Square back to the waterfront where we were blown away by a beautiful sunset.





Monday, February 25, 2013

Friday adventure

A few of my family members and I like vintage and antique things. Especially my older sister, my aunt, and myself. So how is it that I have never been to Smith and Edwards in Ogden before?! I've driven past it and its cartoon-holy-cow billboards my whole life when we drive to Idaho multiple times a year.. Yet last Friday was my first time going inside. This store is massive and has everything. From outdoor equipment, kitchen stuff, cowboy boots, toys, the list goes on, but the part I loved was the army surplus section and the junk yard. Who thinks its fun looking at junk and old army things? This girl! We seriously spent hours looking at stuff. We even walked the snow covered junk yard (which will be a whole new amazing adventure when the snow melts). With old scales, missiles, amo boxes, helmets, bolts, train cars, literally rows and rows of things, you could literally spend an entire day there. We even left with a few cools pieces for our place that I'm pretty excited about. I can't wait to go back when the snow melts!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Seattle Art Museum

Anyone that took Art History at Alta High School with Mrs. Hughes would be lying if they said she wasn't an incredible teacher who shares her love and passion for art with all of her students. And it rubs off! That was years ago and I still feel an appreciation for art and will go to an art museum whenever I've got the chance. (I'm old and coming up on 6 years since I've graduated. Holy crap!) After Ryan and I spent time on the ferry and in Bainbridge we went to the art museum. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to speed walk through a whole level, but I sure am glad we went. I got to see a Georgia O'Keeffe!

geekin out in front of Cow's Skull on Red by Georgia O'Keeffe!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Ferry to Bainbridge

I never thought riding on a ferry would be so peaceful. But.. that's probably just me comparing this ferry ride to the ferry ride in Puerto Rico that was loud, bumpy and on a tiny ferry. This time it was a beautiful view, a nice smooth ride and on a huge ferry. Ryan and I joked about riding it back and forth all day. Bainbridge island is really beautiful. The houses on the water front were gorgeous. I bet Bainbridge is even better in the summer when you can go on hikes and walk around more than we could, we were pretty chilly. Honestly our whole trip was cold since we walked everywhere. At least there wasn't snow or rain.. Anywho the little shopping strip reminds me of an older (and by older I mean style and retired folks) Main Street in Park City or Balboa Island. There are plenty of places to eat, and a few places you can do a wine tasting, along with shops that I didn't actually go in. Instead we explored the harbour to look  at all the boats and grabbed some food at the harbour pub. I'll write more on that later...

this was a seal lion that came to say hello!

intensely reading my map

 rock sculptures, I thought they were cute

Ryan found a starfish in the water