Friday, February 25, 2011

I promise i'm in a good mood today..just annoyed

I think people try to come into my store and annoy me. There are two way in which they can succeed in doing this. One is letting your kids run a muck and destroy everything in the store, the other is when people try to hum or sing along to the songs that are playing in the store. When my ipod is on, I can guarantee that 90% or more of the people that walk in the door do not know my music. So when all these old women start trying to sing along or hum to the beautiful songs on my ipod [totally out of pitch!] I want to chop off my ears and stab them in the vocal chords. I can't help it I try tuning them out, but when you hum out of pitch it's like nails on a chalk board to me. So please people that come into the store, i'm begging you to please SHUT UP! kthanksbye.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oh Ryan...

So I've been thinking a lot about the perfect man and even though i'm not usually into guys with lighter hair, Ryan Gosling has been taking the cake.  Who says you can't have a celebrity crush at 21?! I need to find someone just like him! He is perfection in my eyes.

Not only his looks or his style, but his voice.... and not just his talking voice but his singing voice! Remember when I first set up my blog years ago and on my bucket list I talked about seeing 'Dead Man's Bones', well Ryan is in that band and his voice melts my heart. Or maybe you've heard him sing in Lars and the Real Girl. I saw Blue Valentine a few weeks ago (loved it) and have been listening to the soundtrack a lot lately. I've always wanted a guy that could sing to me.Tell me his voice isn't dreamy....

and in case you are behind the times and have never heard Dead Man's Bones, here's a good one....

On top of that I love one of his tattoos. I didn't notice it until Blue Valentine and in case you have bad eyes and you can't see it in this picture, it's the Giving Tree. I loved that book when I was younger. (It's a double whammy cause you know I love motorcycles!) Soul mates? I think yes!
Okay enough creepy celebrity loving. But if you are anything like him, hit me up :)