Friday, August 21, 2009

Trapeze Swinger

Dear Twilight concert series- you've succeeded to satisfy me this year, especially last nights Iron & Wine concert!
(picture to the right-Ashley and I way too excited for the concert to start. Picture below- me with my best friend Kylee)
I've put off writing this blog because i'm am literally speechless and I have no idea what to say, it was that good.. Samuel Beam how your voice melts my heart even though you resemble a skinnier faced Zach Galifianakis in my mind ha. Although my favorite Iron & Wine song, is and always will be, 'Flightless Bird American Mouth' (no not because its playing during the last scene of the Twilight movie) the song that stole the night for me had to be hands down 'Trapeze Swinger'. Something about it being just Samuel and his acoustic guitar made this song sound magical, even though it was the short version. Here is a beautiful verse;
Please, remember me
As in the dream
We had as rug-burned babies
Among the fallen trees
And fast asleep
Aside the lions and the ladies
That called you what you like
And even might
Give a gift for your behavior
A fleeting chance to see
A trapeze
Swing as high as any savior

I would pay some serious money to see Iron & Wine in concert again! Thanks Ash for enjoy the concert with me :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

little beauty

Look at this little beauty that was hiding in my basement. I am absolutely committed to learn how to use her from this moment on. Then I can sew and alter everything until my heart is content. Isn't that just great!? Isn't she just great!? It's my Grandma's. I actually believe that she wants it back... but she won't get it until i'm done :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bead fairy stupid money hogger...

I decided to be crafty make some necklaces. So I went to my local bead fairy and as I walked in the door idea after idea hit me. So, I go crazy! I made 2 beautiful silver multi chain necklaces, a gold long chain necklace, a gold short chain necklace, and a silver necklace with giant loops that i'm going to weave black ribbon through. They were all so simple yet so beautiful. So i'm thinking I spent about 20 bucks looking at the beauties I just made and completed and when she rings its all up the total was $73.20!!!!!!!! I spaced even looking at the price of all the chains (which they charge by the foot). I made a 4 ft long necklace with 2 more chains slightly shorter. The loop necklace is 3 ft and it was $4 per foot. Gah I am such an idiot. Moral of the story is, i'm an idiot and money ruins my life. But seriously if you're going to make a necklace look at the pricing of everything! It ended up being about $14 per necklace which isn't bad. I just felt like such simplicity should cost so much less...
On the other hand my holga came today!!!!! YIPEE!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I bought it off ebay for $36.99 plus free shipping and a free roll of 120 film BUT the film that was supposed to come with my camera never came :( So its a bitter sweet feeling that i'm feeling right now. Anyways here is my new baby:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Idaho Pictures (in no particular order)

on the way to my grandpas old farm
cool old place outside of Preston, ID

meadows of yellow, breathtaking
Shadow Fax (with the white bum) and a friend, my favorite horse
also on the way to my grandpa's old farm

I swear all of Grace was a picture opportunity
so pretty!
my great grandpas old barn
grandparents back door, I thought it was darling
my grandmas bike
riding the bike
funnel cake
me and my dad after the rodeo

beautiful sky during the rodeo, so amazing
rodeo clown in the sunset

flags flying high, God Bless America!
my littlest sister Allie watching the rodeo
delicious snowcone

bucking bronco
Allie and I eating the snowcone

smallest marry-go-round ever!
cute ride

the devil's handprint

aparently i've got highlights I was unaware that I had?
cheese factory in Logan, UT a family fav

me with my sister Megan and some cousins
my grandparents Daniel and Rose Mary

more bike loving
and more

my AMAZING Idaho treasures that i'm so excited about
Allie and me on the drive home

all along the roads of Grace
dream catcher from the fair and my gramps in the background

delicous scone
during the hypnotist show with Allie

cute antique shop on Main St.
so many great things I could spend hours in here

the end!
I heart Idaho

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Own Private Idaho

It was the weekend of the Caribou county fair in Grace, Idaho. I used to go to this fair all the time when I was a little girl but besides this year, I hadn't been in who knows how long. Grace's population 990 makes it a very tiny town. It took me about 3 hrs and few dozen road kills later then I arrived at my grandparents. The drive was incredibly peaceful and enjoyable thanks to some good tunes and killer scenery. I stopped at a thrift store called 'somebody's attic' on the way and found an old suitcase, a purse, and a coin purse all for $2.00. Once I was at my grandparents I went straight to the fair to check out the Indian jewelry. Of course everything was picked over or not my size but I did score some gold bands with animals engraved on it. We then watched the hypnotist show. Man I wish I could have gotten there sooner so I could have been hypnotized! I then had a fair burger (a very simple hamburger consisting of a bun, cheese, meat and ketchup ha) and a delicious scone. Then we watched the parade that lasted about 8 minutes max. so great. On Main St. (literally 2 minutes walk from my grandparents) there is an antique shop where I always find amazing treasures. I found an incredible mirror and a blue and gold detailed tray all for $20. I walked back to my grandparents rested for about 20 minutes then it was time to go to the rodeo. I must say the rodeo this year, no beuno. I think there was a total of one bull rider that actually stayed on the bull this year. None the less, I love rodeos! The weather was whack on Saturday and it got down to 50* before bed. It was too cold to walk around so I got a funnel cake with my Pops then headed home for bed. That funnel cake, although delicious at the time ended up making me run to the bathroom to vomit at 4:00 in the morning. So needless to say, I regret eating it but I slept it off. Sunday was a lazy day. I rode my grandmas incredible bike around and dug through her old stuff to find some more treasures. I scored a mustard colored big purse and a grey clutch. On the way home I drove past my grandpas old farm which is completely changed due to the new owner. That was pretty hard to look at.. I have a lot of memeories there. I took a picture of my favorite horse Shadow Fax that I can still remember riding when I was little. Then, it was back to Utah. I drove home with my little sister Allie. The drive back took a little longer than 3 hours because we had to stop and take so many pictures. Idaho is more beautiful than I ever remembered it being. I'd sure love a little piece of my own private Idaho! Bye bye Idaho, hello Utah..

Friday, August 7, 2009

bubble gum bubble monsters

How does one blow a big bubble with bubble gum, big enough to call it a monster bubble, with only one piece of gum? Who knows because I tried for at least an hour to get a big bubble with Amy the other day. Amy (friend & coworker) is a natural I tell you its crazy. She blew a monster bubble that went all the way up to her eyes, no joke! Me on the other hand, this picture shows the best I could do. My jaw then got too sore and I had to quit and spit out the hard-flavorless-over-used-dead gum. Oh and i'm leaving for Idaho in the morning. I'll have some great adventures to write about when i'm back i'm sure. Too bad my holga camera didn't come in the mail in time :(
Have a good weeked!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

service bell

Okay so this isn't the real video (a real one hasn't actually been made) but I just have to share this incredible song that my friend showed me. I have no idea why I didn't find it earlier! I knew of just Grizzly Bear's song 'Service Bell' but this duo with Feist is incredible. Grizzly Bear and Feist= match made in heaven! The sound of this song, and just the song in general, makes me feel a mixture of romance, mystery, and pure bliss. Seriously this song is magical, enjoy!

p.s. I know summer is almost over but I still want these shoes, why must they be 148 bones?

Monday, August 3, 2009

fresh veggies and a night sky

As a new blogger I think its okay that I write something else today even though it hasn't even been 24 hrs since my last post :) obsessed much? So, tonight I went to my adorable father's house for some fresh veggies, garlic bread, and ravioli. It was delicious even though I can not make garlic bread worth crap. Oh my, my dad is just so great and funny too! Well, when I was driving home I couldn't help but realise that Utah is so beautiful (hence the beautiful night shot I had to pull over and take and reason why i'm writing right now). It's good to take a second and appreciate what's around us whether it be fresh veggies, your dad, or the beautiful earth! nighty night

Sunday, August 2, 2009

my middle name

I do not have a middle name, although i've always wanted one. When I asked my Dad why this was so he told me that as we got married in the future our names would then be too long (we as in my 4 other sisters, me being in the middle) this bit of information always made me sad. He continued to tell me that if we were going to have middle names, we would have been named after our Great Grandmothers. Great grandmothers have pretty great names. For my family there is Thelma Gilpin, Norma Mickelson, Wanda Roos, Rose Olson, and Estella Olson. I always laughed when my dad pieced my sisters names together like Briana Themla or Nicole Norma but when my dad said my name would have been Kristen Rose I might have melted. I loved the way it sounded. Since I was a little girl I then on signed my name Kristen Rose and will continue to do so forever more.