Monday, July 19, 2010

crazy and amazing

Many crazy and amazing things happened this weekend so I'm going to give a little run down before my terrible memory kicks in..

Thursday- I got into my 1st fight at the Girl Talk concert... and it was great. I won and walked away with a few scratches. My dad taught me how to punch correctly while her dad must have taught her how to scratch. Don't worry it was quick and harmless.

Friday- I talked to a counselor and I'm going back to school! Yay me. I'm just going to SLCC but I found out that with my 1 semester at BYU and my high school AP courses and concurrent enrollment I only have 1 full time semester left until I've got my associates. I'm going part time so I can still manage my store and work full time to pay my bills.

Saturday- I had dinner with an old friend at Ruth's Diner up the canyon and a waiter said I looked like Blake Lively (if you know me, that's a big deal) But, the high light of Saturday had to be sneaking into the Manhattan to Salsa dance with a whole bunch of illegal immigrants that my best friend works with. We had to get past a huge Navajo security guard who let us in after a little flirt from Ryan's co-worker (that had never worked for me before). After anxiety and not knowing a word being said around me, I let go and had a blast. I was actually pretty good at Salsa dancing for a beginner. Oh what an adventure..

Sunday- A giant group of people grabbed our tubes and other gear and floated the Weber river. I woke up today with bruises, scratches and my 1st bad sunburn of the year on my legs. Regardless it was incredible and really fun!  Definitely a Sunday funday ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

good times

I've been thinking about friends a lot lately and the people in my life that I really cherish. I'm very selective when it comes to who I open up to and let into my life, I'm very picky. But i've been lucky to find some amazing souls and no matter where they are in this world or where they are going, I'm so lucky to have them!

On that note, last Sunday I went to Lagoon with my bestie Ryan. We used discount passes for Catholic day (even though we aren't Catholic ha) and had a blast. There were lots of laughs and it was fun to just take our time and do whatever we wanted. Despite the unfortunate amount of "ghetto" and dare I say "ugly".. (and if you've been to Lagoon then you have some idea of what we experienced) we had a great time. We might even 'bounceback' ..