Monday, July 19, 2010

crazy and amazing

Many crazy and amazing things happened this weekend so I'm going to give a little run down before my terrible memory kicks in..

Thursday- I got into my 1st fight at the Girl Talk concert... and it was great. I won and walked away with a few scratches. My dad taught me how to punch correctly while her dad must have taught her how to scratch. Don't worry it was quick and harmless.

Friday- I talked to a counselor and I'm going back to school! Yay me. I'm just going to SLCC but I found out that with my 1 semester at BYU and my high school AP courses and concurrent enrollment I only have 1 full time semester left until I've got my associates. I'm going part time so I can still manage my store and work full time to pay my bills.

Saturday- I had dinner with an old friend at Ruth's Diner up the canyon and a waiter said I looked like Blake Lively (if you know me, that's a big deal) But, the high light of Saturday had to be sneaking into the Manhattan to Salsa dance with a whole bunch of illegal immigrants that my best friend works with. We had to get past a huge Navajo security guard who let us in after a little flirt from Ryan's co-worker (that had never worked for me before). After anxiety and not knowing a word being said around me, I let go and had a blast. I was actually pretty good at Salsa dancing for a beginner. Oh what an adventure..

Sunday- A giant group of people grabbed our tubes and other gear and floated the Weber river. I woke up today with bruises, scratches and my 1st bad sunburn of the year on my legs. Regardless it was incredible and really fun!  Definitely a Sunday funday ;)

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