Friday, August 13, 2010


Megan is the one 3rd from the left and i'm the
one falling forward alone in the center :)
This weekend while I was up in Grace, Idaho at the Caribou County fair I had the determination to get hypnotized with my little sister Megan. They always have multiple hypnotist shows at the fair and when we watched the earlier show on Saturday we knew we had to do it. We sat in the front of the Saturday night show and ran into the isle jumping up and down when he asked for volunteers. He picked us both. My heart was racing because I wasn't sure it was going to work on me since most of the "tester tricks" you do with your hands to see if your mind is able to be hypnotized don't work on me. My sister was out cold and everything happened quickly for her. For me it took a longer and I know if it were to be done on me again i'd go in deeper, I think I was nervous. What I didn't know is that being hypnotized it basically a really deep relaxation. Its not some sleeping-mind-control-body-control-out-of-control-thing. You know what you're doing and you wont do anything against your normal morals. You can see the crowd, you just want to do what the hypnotist says and he actually gets in touch with some real deep emotions. I cried multiple times ha apparently when a chipmunk got ran over, and when he had a Chuckie doll floating through the air. According to everyone we were some of the stars of the show causing an enormous amount of laughter. It is really hard to put into words and explain the experience. It's crazy because after its all said and done you feel so relaxed. This blog is probably all over the place because it literally is so hard to describe in words what happens and how you feel. I would have paid big bucks to get it on video camera! Even though I remember most of it, I'd like to have seen what I did and see what I don't remember. I will for sure make this a tradition and we will definitely get hypnotized again next year :)

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