Monday, October 18, 2010

fall so far

So much has happened since my last post and since each day is flying by without a minutes to spare. I hate how fast time flies as you get older... so, here are some highlights (bad and mostly good) of the last few weeks:
  • I turned 21 on the 26th of September :)
  • Work has taken a turn for the worst...
  • I got to see my Mickelson Grandparents for my Grandma's birthday on Oct. 9th
  • I went to the farmers market downtown for the first time and loved it!
  • I bought my first table for my apartment (but i'm going to use it as a desk)
  • I made my first pie for my dad's birthday Oct. 10th. Yes I bought the crust and the glaze was a little thick, but hey i'm still proud!
  • I got a new pair of combat boots (which already broke but I love them so much i'm going to fix them..)
  • I completed my first mid term since 2007 (and it was only performing a dance but yet again i'm still proud!)
  • A good friend came and visited.
  • I baked more pies and they were basically perfect this time.  
  • my car insurance went down like $13 woohoo
  • I made a fall wreath with my mom to finally have some decorations in my apartment
  • I played at a vegetable/fruit stand with my sisters for hours and this was the result:
Happy Autumn everyone!