Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Idaho Pictures (in no particular order)

on the way to my grandpas old farm
cool old place outside of Preston, ID

meadows of yellow, breathtaking
Shadow Fax (with the white bum) and a friend, my favorite horse
also on the way to my grandpa's old farm

I swear all of Grace was a picture opportunity
so pretty!
my great grandpas old barn
grandparents back door, I thought it was darling
my grandmas bike
riding the bike
funnel cake
me and my dad after the rodeo

beautiful sky during the rodeo, so amazing
rodeo clown in the sunset

flags flying high, God Bless America!
my littlest sister Allie watching the rodeo
delicious snowcone

bucking bronco
Allie and I eating the snowcone

smallest marry-go-round ever!
cute ride

the devil's handprint

aparently i've got highlights I was unaware that I had?
cheese factory in Logan, UT a family fav

me with my sister Megan and some cousins
my grandparents Daniel and Rose Mary

more bike loving
and more

my AMAZING Idaho treasures that i'm so excited about
Allie and me on the drive home

all along the roads of Grace
dream catcher from the fair and my gramps in the background

delicous scone
during the hypnotist show with Allie

cute antique shop on Main St.
so many great things I could spend hours in here

the end!
I heart Idaho

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