Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bead fairy stupid money hogger...

I decided to be crafty make some necklaces. So I went to my local bead fairy and as I walked in the door idea after idea hit me. So, I go crazy! I made 2 beautiful silver multi chain necklaces, a gold long chain necklace, a gold short chain necklace, and a silver necklace with giant loops that i'm going to weave black ribbon through. They were all so simple yet so beautiful. So i'm thinking I spent about 20 bucks looking at the beauties I just made and completed and when she rings its all up the total was $73.20!!!!!!!! I spaced even looking at the price of all the chains (which they charge by the foot). I made a 4 ft long necklace with 2 more chains slightly shorter. The loop necklace is 3 ft and it was $4 per foot. Gah I am such an idiot. Moral of the story is, i'm an idiot and money ruins my life. But seriously if you're going to make a necklace look at the pricing of everything! It ended up being about $14 per necklace which isn't bad. I just felt like such simplicity should cost so much less...
On the other hand my holga came today!!!!! YIPEE!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I bought it off ebay for $36.99 plus free shipping and a free roll of 120 film BUT the film that was supposed to come with my camera never came :( So its a bitter sweet feeling that i'm feeling right now. Anyways here is my new baby:

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  1. Ahhh, I want a necklace Kris...PLEASE! Thank you SO much for the shout out on your page! I love you, you totally rock. Don't you just LOVE photography?! I am thinking of setting up an "iPhone" photo show at my yoga studio, sweet huh?! xo :)