Monday, August 10, 2009

My Own Private Idaho

It was the weekend of the Caribou county fair in Grace, Idaho. I used to go to this fair all the time when I was a little girl but besides this year, I hadn't been in who knows how long. Grace's population 990 makes it a very tiny town. It took me about 3 hrs and few dozen road kills later then I arrived at my grandparents. The drive was incredibly peaceful and enjoyable thanks to some good tunes and killer scenery. I stopped at a thrift store called 'somebody's attic' on the way and found an old suitcase, a purse, and a coin purse all for $2.00. Once I was at my grandparents I went straight to the fair to check out the Indian jewelry. Of course everything was picked over or not my size but I did score some gold bands with animals engraved on it. We then watched the hypnotist show. Man I wish I could have gotten there sooner so I could have been hypnotized! I then had a fair burger (a very simple hamburger consisting of a bun, cheese, meat and ketchup ha) and a delicious scone. Then we watched the parade that lasted about 8 minutes max. so great. On Main St. (literally 2 minutes walk from my grandparents) there is an antique shop where I always find amazing treasures. I found an incredible mirror and a blue and gold detailed tray all for $20. I walked back to my grandparents rested for about 20 minutes then it was time to go to the rodeo. I must say the rodeo this year, no beuno. I think there was a total of one bull rider that actually stayed on the bull this year. None the less, I love rodeos! The weather was whack on Saturday and it got down to 50* before bed. It was too cold to walk around so I got a funnel cake with my Pops then headed home for bed. That funnel cake, although delicious at the time ended up making me run to the bathroom to vomit at 4:00 in the morning. So needless to say, I regret eating it but I slept it off. Sunday was a lazy day. I rode my grandmas incredible bike around and dug through her old stuff to find some more treasures. I scored a mustard colored big purse and a grey clutch. On the way home I drove past my grandpas old farm which is completely changed due to the new owner. That was pretty hard to look at.. I have a lot of memeories there. I took a picture of my favorite horse Shadow Fax that I can still remember riding when I was little. Then, it was back to Utah. I drove home with my little sister Allie. The drive back took a little longer than 3 hours because we had to stop and take so many pictures. Idaho is more beautiful than I ever remembered it being. I'd sure love a little piece of my own private Idaho! Bye bye Idaho, hello Utah..

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  1. sounds like such a good weekend. seriously.

    also, i love that song!