Monday, February 25, 2013

Friday adventure

A few of my family members and I like vintage and antique things. Especially my older sister, my aunt, and myself. So how is it that I have never been to Smith and Edwards in Ogden before?! I've driven past it and its cartoon-holy-cow billboards my whole life when we drive to Idaho multiple times a year.. Yet last Friday was my first time going inside. This store is massive and has everything. From outdoor equipment, kitchen stuff, cowboy boots, toys, the list goes on, but the part I loved was the army surplus section and the junk yard. Who thinks its fun looking at junk and old army things? This girl! We seriously spent hours looking at stuff. We even walked the snow covered junk yard (which will be a whole new amazing adventure when the snow melts). With old scales, missiles, amo boxes, helmets, bolts, train cars, literally rows and rows of things, you could literally spend an entire day there. We even left with a few cools pieces for our place that I'm pretty excited about. I can't wait to go back when the snow melts!

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