Friday, February 8, 2013

The Seattle Aquarium

Yes there was a Groupon for the Seattle Aquarium, and yes Ryan and I joined a whole bunch of kids and went. I would say going to the zoo and aquarium are some of my guily pleasures in life. The Seattle Aquarium is right on the water front so walking there was pretty gorgeous too.
Sorry again for the mixture of iphone and real camera photos.

we are almost always laughing together

They separate the big starfish from the little skinny ones cause they'll eat each other..

clearly one of my favorite exhibits


one of my newest fears in life...

...seriously this thing is freaky...

I took a few picture on a disposable camera, I can't wait to develop it!

the aquarium is an indoor and outdoor aquarium. It's probably amazing in the summer..

it was cold..


not a good picture but I loved watching these little fella dive

and last but not least this blurry photo was the Otters! They kept spinning around and never stayed in one place.

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