Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A few things my future boyfriend-husband should know, or be warned about...
  • I am capable of setting spaghetti on fire and I did last week
  • I like to sleep at a diagonal
  • I sit in the shower
  • And I tend to use all the hot water for my showers..
  • I would highly prefer not to do my hair ever
  • I still love my blanket even though im 20

but, I can assure you...

  • I will make you lots of cakes
  • And, I will love you lots and lots!


  1. I must say, your list is so much shorter than mine is. :)Btw, how was your vacation?

  2. I sleep at a diagonal too!

    Future husbands are gonna be surprised at some of the weird things girls do! Haha.

  3. haha you are cute and it is funny that a lot of those things are the same for me. Like sitting in the shower (I remember our discussion on this and needed a washcloth to sit in in that horrible shower freshman year) Yes I do need to see you!!! You need to regive me where you work and aboutish when I should visit! I love you!!

  4. This is awesome. My favorite might have to be that you sit in the shower.