Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween (yesterday..)

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Monday night for me was Thriller with the baby sis, an excellent way to get in the Halloween spirit. I couldn't help but die of laughter every time the little zombie girls came up to my little sister. Friday night was walking around with my mom in freaky masks in the neighborhood and trying to scare everyone.  There was also pumpkin carving and cookie decorating with the fam. My little step brothers pumpkin was so thick a saw was literally used. Not to mention I spooked my poor little employees while they were closing at night with my little sister and brother in scary masks.Saturday was running around scrambling last minutes for my lion costume, helping sister and dad get their costumes ready, stopping by a house party or two, and late night burrito scarfing. Sunday was cuddle up in bed and watch Halloween movies (only children's ones because I get to scared, especially because I live on my own, pathetic I know). My costume didn't turn out exactly how i'd imagined but i'm pretty happy with the over all product. I also discovered that i've got tons of hair and if its crimped, it will get so big an elastic wont even fit around it. I'd have to say October has been a good one.

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