Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall fall falling

Happy 1st day of autumn! I love fall. Probably my favorite season. It's amazing outside. Couple things on my mind;

I went to the state fair on Sunday. I tired deep fried oreos..surprisingly good. Got some cute silver feather earrings. Saw the words smallest woman, real. Fell for the woman with the body of a snake, fake. Enjoyed the animals. Next year I am going on the rides and staying much longer.

It's the week of my 20th birthday. Always exciting. Younger than all of my friends, but trying to savor life and being young. Life goes by too fast. Hopefully I'll do some fun things this weekend to celebrate that I can blog about later.

Trying to plan a trip to San Fran to visit my sister. Probably going to be worth the money although, I need to be saving to be back in school. Just need to find a flight...

Well, enjoy the weather and beauty while it lasts!

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