Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm trying this new thing called staying positive? So to practice, I'll start with the good of today Tuesday September 1st:
  1. It's September the month of my birthday and Gossip Girl starts again this month
  2. A.A. Bondy (one of my favorite musicians) came out with his 2nd album today and I bought it on amazon :)
  3. 'The Time Traveler's Wife' the book I bought online ages ago finally came in the mail today. I guess you could say my "replacement book" came today since the first one was lost in shipping..
  4. I discovered the best channel on Pandora online radio. I typed in Bon Iver and so far Bon Iver, Jose Gonzalez, Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, M. Ward, Wilco, The Shins and Sigur Ros have come on, talk about my new favorite channel!
  5. I got a free meal at cafe rio today. It. Was. Glorious.
  6. Work was really calm and lazy today
I could probably match all of these with a negative but i'm not going to because that isn't the point of this blog ha. Good night!

1 comment:

  1. How is the "Positive Attitude" going sis?! if you can keep this up you will def see improvements in your life and hopefully other people will catch on and start being positive themselves? Hope you keep it up... :)