Friday, January 29, 2010

"Hi, i'm Bondy"

So Wednesday night was a big night in the life of Kristen Mickelson. I went to the A.A. Bondy concert and not only was I up close and personal but I met him. I was as nervous as a little elementary school girl but with the help of a few friends it happened and this is how it went:

Will-"This is my friend Kristen" shoving me forward towards my dream man
A.A. Bondy-"What was your name"
A.A. Bondy- while shaking my hand "Hi, i'm Bondy"
Kristen- "You did a really good job tonight"
A.A. Bondy- "Thank you, I really appreciate that"
Kristen- "I really like your music" (so cliche, the nerves got the best of me)
A.A. Bondy-" Thank you so much. That really means a lot" or something to that affect

He is incredible live and I loved every minute of that night gazing up at the devilishly handsome man while he sang and melted my heart.
Thanks A.A. Bondy you really made my night.

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