Friday, December 31, 2010


Here is a little rehash on my Christmas and the month of December. It has gone by so quickly! I always get sad once Christmas is over, total post-Christmas-depression. But, seeing as how New Year's Day is tomorrow, I better get this Christmas post out there in the cyber world. And since blogging is all about the lists here is one for you!
  • seeing lights at Temple Square with sisters and dad
  • skyping with sister in India multiple times
  • going ice skating at Gallivan on Christmas Eve
  • Having family over Christmas Eve for a feast and festivities
  • Dollar Tree reindeer antlers that I seemed to wear whenever I could
  • wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to work
  • decorating my apartment (did the lights on my tree all by myself, i'm a big girl, I know)
  • getting new Pj's and a new ornament
  • Christmas Story "ah the bumpus hounds" seems to be the quote of our family for the past week or so
  • many tears of joy Christmas morning when sisters opened gifts they adored
  • making English toffee (failed the 1st time, killed it the 2nd time)
  • making yarn wreaths
  • trip to Idaho for Grandpa's b-day and white elephant gift exchange
  • my first Jazz game!! Go D-Will!!
  • going to some Christmas parties, 3 to be exact
  • get A's in both of my classes :)
  • being completely shocked when I opened up a new laptop..
  • my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, one of my favorite decorations
    the lights at Temple Square with Dad and sisters
    after we got our new pj's, showing our new ornaments
    Ice skating!
    cheering for the Jazz with my friend Gabby
    my favorite Christmas sweater that my mom actually used to wear..
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It really is the best time of year. And may this New Year be even better than the last!

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