Monday, January 31, 2011


My allergies and sinuses are so bad right now that my contacts hurt to wear. My eye doctor told me that allergies embed into your contacts and no matter how much you wash or rub you contacts they don't come off so you have to use new contacts. I am cheap and poor and I don't want to replace my contacts every week or two vs. replacing them every three or four weeks like i'm supposed to. Needless to say i've been wearing my glasses lately. I've got a very old pair of glasses that aren't cute and probably over 6 years old so the prescription isn't up to date. Then i've got my cute trendy thick framed glasses that are very strong. (They were actually readers and I had the eye place pop the lenses out and make me new ones.) Well here's the thing my cute glasses hurt my head. I've gotten them adjusted twice but I think I need to adjust them again. I don't like wearing the old ones in public. Long story short, I'M BLIND!!! God save me cause i'm only 21 and I have the eyes of an 98 year old senile woman! I took off my glasses at work for 5 minutes and couldn't ring up a transaction without putting my face literally 2 inches from the screen. I can not believe how bad my eyes are! I can't use a computer without magnifying it to 150.. I legally can't drive without glasses or contacts..

I wonder what its like to wake up in the morning and have the world be clear.
Eye surgery is definitely in my future.

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