Thursday, January 27, 2011


If any of you know me, you know I love flowers. All kinds, all colors. I truly believe they enhance the quality of life. If you know me even better, then you know that I like to pretend my middle name is Rose. (Need an explanation, read my very first blog post!) If I had extra money to spend i'd buy myself flowers once a week just to be able to look at them. I've loved flowers and all things floral way before it became a trend a couple years ago but that is neither here nor there. But if you need proof, just look in my apartment, you'll find it on pillows, scarves, clothes, my couch, my tea kettle, my apron, a suitcase, etc. Okay, so the reason for this post is i've been a little bummed out lately.. I have put on some unwelcomed weight and I hate it. If you know my family, then you know i've got 4 stunning sisters, who happen to be tall. I'm the shorter curvy one. I was having one of those moments yesterday where I was depressed and while skyping with my sister in India here friend Martin told me something that I loved! He said something to the affect of, "You can not compare a lotus flower to a rose. They are both beautiful. But they are both different. A lotus can't try to be like a rose and a rose can't try to be like a lotus."  I immediately got a smile on my face. He said just what I needed to hear. Then, it just so happens that while I was flipping through my old journal for some inspiration on the memoir I have to write for English that I came across something that our rasta tour guide at Bob Marley's resting place, Nine Mile, in Jamaica told us. He said, " we are all flowers, we just grow differently." I can't believe I had forgotten that! I know my trip to Jamaica was like 10 months ago but i'm actually glad I stumbled upon it today. These may be corny and cliche  to you, but I adore every word of both quotes. So, not only do I love flowers for there very beautiful aesthetic, but because their meaning to me is deeper than that now. I can't wait for spring to come!
me spring/summer 2010 smelling the roses by apartment

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  1. You are beautiful!!! I love you!