Monday, January 24, 2011

definitely not a rant & pups

So, my last post was a rant about the financial woes of my life, and although I'm still feeling that way but  huge blessing came my way last week... I got money from the "Pepsi Generation Excellence Award" committee! I feel so thankful! I need this money and its going to make my tuition cost a little bit less :) YAY!

On another note, i've been thinking a lot about our dogs at my moms house. I love them and miss them! I know it's cheesy, but I love going there and seeing them even if it's just to pet their head for a second. Roxy is as old as my littlest sister, 12, so she's getting old :(  it breaks my heart. She is the biggest sweetheart and I remember falling asleep cuddling with her as a puppy in the garage when we first got her. She always wants to be loved and she's very protective of our house and family. Our other dog Nikoma, she's a bundle of energy. I always tell my mom once I get a house I want to take her. She is crazy, wild, and sweet. She's plays catch and can jump so high! Even though she is kinda naughty and hyper-active, she's great. I love these pups and wish I could see them more... 



  1. Congratulations on the award! I'm glad it came at the right time. Good for you.

  2. I love the pups

    <3 Allie